We are entering a new stage of evolution on Earth. Last February 2, 2023, (NS1.35.7.25) KIN 1 1 Dragon marked a NEW GROUND ZERO of Galactic Time: the MIDPOINT of a 26000-KIN Journey that started on June 23, 1987 — KIN 1 (1.1) and will come to a close in 2058.

This day also marked precisely the 21-DAY countdown to complete 441 YEARS from the signing of the papal bull that gave birth to the Gregorian calendar on February 24, 1582, and established it as the current civil standard since October 15, 1582. 441 YEARS correspond to a perfect matrix of 21 CYCLES of 21 YEARS each since this reform.

We must understand that the artificial operating system we have been using for more than four centuries is at the root of the enduring crisis we are experiencing on Earth, affecting the entire Biosphere in ways we have been conditioned to simply ignore.

As an offering to redeem the Julian/Gregorian distortion, during this 36th anniversary of the discovery of the first extra-galactic supernova (SN 1987A), we are happy to announce the release of the first edition of the NEW Cosmic Time #ephimeris.

Ephemerides were constructed as early as the 4th century BC and are still essential today to the astronomer and navigator.

While the regular ephemeris is a table or data file giving the calculated positions or itinerary of the trajectory of an astronomical object during a specific period of time, this NEW Cosmic Time ePHImeris serves as a table mapping the synchronization points between calendrical systems and natural cycles of time according to the synchronic order, the Golden ratio and the fractal power of the Number 13.

This NEW navigation guide holds a new stage of integration between 3 calendrical systems:

φ • The ancient Vigesimal Maya Long Count (MVLC)

φ • The Gregorian + Julian Calendars and Julian Day Number System (JDN) and its variants

φ • The 13 Moon, 28-Day Calendar and the Tzolkin/13:20 Natural Time Matrix also defined as the NEW Sirius Cycle Count (NSCC)


On this navigation guide we can explore, study and track these points of synchronization using the Golden Proportion and the Fibonacci sequence as our frame of reference. This framework allows us to make conscious the inherent elegance, beauty, and order behind the fabric of time and the “synchronic order” and enter into resonance with the universal patterns and cycles in Nature. This new tool is intended to serve as a guide for the advanced chronoanaut to navigate the next 3 YEARS (2023-2025) within the biosphere-noosphere transition timeline, leading to THE GOLDEN INTERSECTION OF TIMELINES of October 14-15, 2025…

We THANK YOU for ordering this FREE PDF version and hope to hear your feedback. Please just fill in the form below, or write us an email to with your name, kin # and a brief commentary with your observations, questions or suggestions.

Cosmic Time Ephimeris

TIME is a Work of ART in Progress

The Cosmic Time EPHImeris is a work of art in progress, and it is evolving and shifting in time. As we launch the initial beta version of this NEW navigation guide, we are completing important milestones that are announcing a MAJOR RESET POINT on the timelines. We encourage you to explore these alignments on our BLOG section or follow us on our social media channels to stay up-to-date with the ongoing process of harmonic convergence of timelines we are tracking. We are building new sections and chapters to this site designed to facilitate the learning process and that will be available in the coming days.

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May Peace, Harmony and Beauty prevail on Earth!

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