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The Harmonic Calendar 2023/2024!

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Inheritance of Humanity

BEAUTY & HARMONY Present in Nature’s Design

There is an underlying harmonic pattern behind all Creation. From the shape of the galaxies, to the way water flows, to sunflowers, to pinecones, to the structure of our own DNA.

TIME IS A SPIRAL. The word SPIRAL and the word SPIRIT have the same root, serving us an invitation to observe and notice that Consciousness, or Spirit, moves in a SPIRAL fashion. With the purpose of simplifying and universalizing the comprehension of this organizing principle we, are defining it as “THE HARMONIC FACTOR.”

The Elegant Mathematical Principle

Orchestrating Intelligence behind the fabric of SPACE, LIFE & TIME!

This mathematical constant, also known as the “PHI ratio” or “Divine Proportion”, is present in the natural unfoldment of forms across the universe and is reflected in the Fibonacci numerical sequence.

Along this sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 144, 233…), each number is in a Golden Proportion relationship with its predecessor and holds the harmonic resonance of the PHI ratio. This mathematical constant, present across the whole fabric of Creation, is defined as the Number 1.618033.

On this website we will explore, study and track the synchronizations between multiple calendar systems using the Golden Proportion and the Fibonacci sequence as our frame of reference. This framework allows us to make conscious the inherent elegance, beauty, and order behind the fabric of time and the “synchronic order” and enter into resonance with the universal patterns and cycles in Nature.


We can describe this principle as the “LOVE INTELLIGENCE” that reflects the perfect balance between ART and NUMBER (HEART and MIND) and engenders the organic processes of growth in Nature…

“The Golden Proportion is the key to a fuller understanding of phenomenal unfolding – for it manifests in organic forms such as seashells and pinecones, as well as our own DNA. The involuting spiral of consciousness – the unfolding of the spiritual flower – this is what the Golden Proportion describes.” – John Major Jenkins

Nature By Numbers

The Golden Ratio & Fibonacci Numbers

Here is a short film by Cristóbal Vila that explores the mathematical patterns found in nature. It is a reminder that we are all connected to something much larger than ourselves.

The Harmonic Calendar


Welcome to the Year of the White Overtone Wizard, the Year of WOW! For this 8th edition of the 13-Month, 28-Day Harmonic Calendar, we are “Going Galactic”, as we expound upon the 13:20 (260) galactic or human gestation and the 13:28 (364) solar-lunar or human fertility timing frequencies which synchronize on a 52-year basis. According to this, everyone has a galactic signature frequency based on their ‘first breath.’

It is especially important to note that 2023-2024 marks 441 years since the Gregorian calendar went into effect on October 15, 1582. 441 is a factor of 21 x 21, and the inverse of 144 or 12 x 12.

With harmonic and timing factors such as these, may we clearly see the opportunity to consciously and telepathically collaborate with Earth, the whole living being having noöspheric intelligence of galactic proportions.

A NEW TIME (r)evolution

Life is NOW bringing us an opportunity to evolve.

This (r)evolution only requires from us that we make a NEW TIME resolution: to change our calendar. Every DAY, with every decision we make, we are CREATING THE FUTURE. This is thus a time to make NEW choices and adopt NEW INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS including the calendar we use. YES, to change the calendar is to affect a profound and fundamental SYSTEMATIC change in human consciousness. Only a SYSTEMATIC change in consciousness will bring about the creative solutions our world so sorely needs today. By changing the calendar we use every day, we will change our everyday consciousness and establish a new time on Earth.

May we co-creatively participate in a higher order of being, operating on behalf of the whole planet and all planetary kin. NOW is the TIME to ARTfully reorient ourselves into sync with Nature’s Cosmic TIMING and RHYTHM, and by so doing, we become part of the larger grand SYMPHONY of LIFE, EVOLVING and EXPRESSING Itself with each MEASURE and every MOVEMENT. This is the mission. This is a glimpse into what Living in Tune to Natural Time is all about!

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The Human Being

A Reflection of the PATTERNS of the COSMOS

Women have the ability to produce an egg every 28 DAYS (13 in TOTAL during ONE Solar orbit). Once an egg is fertilized, a NEW Human Being starts to emerge from it. This process takes approximately 260 DAYS.

This updated version of the calendar also includes a daily reference to the 260-DAY Tzolkin, also known as the 13:20 Harmonic Module. This TIME Matrix of 260 DAYS serves as a gauge to track and measure the cycle of Human Gestation, and is a fractal of a larger cycle of the Earth: the 26,000-YEAR cycle known as the “Precession of the Equinoxes.” In simple words: the 13-Moon, 28-Day calendar is a harmonic standard of measure for the Human Fertility cycles, and the Tzolkin/13:20 Matrix is a harmonic standard of measure for the Human Gestation cycles. Together, the 13:20 and 13:28 natural timing frequencies are the coordinating forces behind LIFE on Earth.

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“In the Universal Religion, one prophecy fulfilled, fulfills ALL prophecies, one mythic template realized, realizes ALL mythic templates, one spiritual search completed, completes ALL spiritual searches…” — José Argüelles / Valum Votan

As we write this entry, we are closing a KEY PROPHETIC FRACTAL milestone across the fabric of Time-Space:

The completion of a journey of 100-TZOLKIN / 26000-KIN from the discovery of the sarcophagus of the ancient Maya king and sage known as Pacal Votan, below the Temple of Inscriptions at the ancient…

Shifting Timelines pART#13: TIME IS COMING FULL SPIRAL


“The noosphere represents the breakthrough to a new consciousness, a new time and a new reality arising from the biospheric crisis. This is known as the biosphere-noosphere transition.” — José Argüelles

For the ancient Maya and other



Time seems to be accelerating. Those attuned feel it and know it. “The Shift” is in the air…

It was only ONE year ago, as we were completing ONE perfect holonomic milestone of 52 YEARS from the first celebration of Earth Day on April 22, 1970, when we…



We are living in extraordinary times on Earth. Today marks the entrance to the first Equinox Portal of 2023 (the second on this 13-Moon year). This gateway signals the perfect moment when the sun passes directly over the Earth’s equator bringing…

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Oct 05, 2023

In this special broadcast, recorded on October 5, 2023 (NS1., like-minded/analog kin Mikuak Rai (Kin 126) and Ruben Llinas (Kin 113) of The Harmonic Factor discuss the MAJOR 10-DAY PORTAL leading up to the annular solar eclipse on October 14, 2023 (NS1., Day 25 of the ...

Jul 16, 2023
GOING GALACTIC in the Year of W.O.W.!!!

TUNE IN for GOING GALACTIC in the Year of W.O.W. with Ruben Llinas & Mikuak Rai of FNC (Foundation for Noöspheric Consciousness)/The Harmonic Factor, reflecting upon multiple layers of consequence, as we complete 14 T’zolkins (3,640 kin) and approach, in 10 days’ time, the 10-year marker of…

Apr 1, 2023
Harmonic Convergence of Timelines: Restore. Repair. Rescind!

The Harmonic Factor, in association with PR1328, presents “Harmonic Convergence of Timelines: Restore. Repair. Rescind!”, in direct response to the public statement issued by the Catholic Church on Thursday, March 30, 2023 (NS1. titled “Joint Statement of the Dicasteries for...

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