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Welcome to a NEW Way of Experiencing the World

Rediscovering Our Relationship With TIME

The third dimension is the place of our physical and sensory experiences and most people believe that this is the only dimension of reality. But there is another reality that is happening next to our everyday life. It is the fourth dimension. The third dimension is the dimension of space. The fourth dimension is the dimension of time and mind. This other reality is the realm of our thoughts and dreams directing our physical life.

This fourth-dimensional order of reality is a matrix of living intelligence known as “the synchronic order.” We experience this order as synchronicity. Synchronicity refers to the underlying cosmic intelligence that synchronizes people, places, and events into a meaningful order.

We experience synchronicity when an outer event corresponds to our inner thoughts, perceptions, or feelings. This occurs because the fourth dimension of TIME informs the third dimension of SPACE. In simple words: SPACE is experienced through the SENSES. TIME is experienced through the MIND.



EVERYTHING is Synchronized by TIME

Synchronicity follows a set of universal harmonic principles based on an underlying mathematical matrix. The more we learn about and tune into this matrix, the more we experience the synchronic order of reality.

This is the purpose of the codes of time and the 13-Moon 28-Day calendar (synchronometer). Daily use of these codes increases incidences of synchronicity by deepening our intuitive awareness of the harmonic interconnectedness of people and events.

Since everything is synchronized by time, all that exists is organized by the synchronic order. Applying the codes of the synchronic order gives us a fresh lens to view our lives and the universe around us.


REDEEMING the Julian & Gregorian Distortion

We must understand that the artificial operating system we have been using for more than four centuries is at the root of the enduring crisis we are experiencing on Earth, affecting the entire Biosphere in ways we have been conditioned to simply ignore.





By using this calendar, you are consciously participating in a whole-system transformation, beginning with yourself. The impact may at first be subtle but have no doubt, you are beginning to reconnect your conscious mind with natural cycles, creative patterns, and dynamic processes inherent in Nature.


The 13:28 calendar is a new harmonic standard based on a whole-system universal approach that can enable us to enter a more coherent, intentional, and conscious way of life, and allow us to adequately meet needs and address all sectors of human concern.


TIME is Coming Full SPIRAL

TIME is not linear, is not flat, and is neither represented by a circle. TIME IS A SPIRAL. The word SPIRAL and the word SPIRIT have the same root, serving us as an invitation to observe and notice that Consciousness, or Spirit moves in a SPIRAL fashion.

Our purpose is to use this principle present in the Fibonacci Spiral as a frame of reference to measure cycles of time. This framework may allow us to make conscious of the inherent elegance, beauty, and sacred order behind the “synchronic order” the fabric of TIME + SPACE and enter into resonance with the universal patterns and cycles in Nature.


we are time

Rediscovering The HUMAN BODY

The 13-moon calendar re-harmonizes human bio-rhythms with the cycles of Nature, particularly the menstrual cycle. By re-attuning ourselves to an accurate timing standard, we are correcting the “ERROR IN TIME“, realigning with our own internal nature, supporting the rebalancing of Earth, and moving in the direction of evolution.

The numbers 13, 20, and 28 are embedded into our biology. We have five fingers on each of our hands and feet.

5 x 4 = 20. 

The human skeletal system, providing the structural form for the body to move, is comprised of 13 major joints: 2 ankles + 2 knees + 2 hips + 2 wrists + 2 elbows + 2 shoulders = 12 + 1 neck = 13

The phalanges or finger bones are 14 in number; 3 for each finger, and 2 for the thumb.


14 phalanges x 2 hands = 28


What’s New in the NEW TIME?

THE 13:20 AND 13:28: In the synchronic order, the most fundamental pattern is created by the interaction of the 13 tones and 20 seals.

THE 20 SOLAR SEALS: The 20 solar seals or symbols describe the movement of space in time.

THE 13 GALACTIC TONES AND THE WAVESPELL STRUCTURE: The 13-tone wavespell coordinates the 20 units of the movement of space in time to create a pattern of 260 [13×20] different symbolic constructs, referred to as galactic signatures or Kin.

52: THE GOLDEN MEASURE OF THE NEW TIME: Within the Cosmology of the Law of Time, Number 52 (13×4) is a master coordinating frequency serving as the “golden measure stick” that calibrates different basic fractal cycles and time intervals.

The Tzolkin is the name of the 260-day cycle composed of these 13 galactic tones and 20 solar seals that, together, articulate processes of cosmic creation.


Reconstructing the NEW TIME Hologram:
260 Days. 260 Weeks. 260 Moons. 260 Years.

Thanks to the holographic qualities of FRACTAL TIME embedded into the synchronic order, NOW ALL CYCLES within the New Dispensation of Time (NEW Sirius Cycle chronology) can be mapped on a progressive set of nested scales where each KIN can correspond to 1 YEAR, 1 MOON, 1 WEEK (HEPTAD) or 1 DAY. How is this? On the 52-YEAR Infographic below we can appreciate how these sequences of holographic cycles are nested within each other:


LIVE The New Time NOW!

WE INVITE YOU to be part of a NEW breed of human beings living attuned to the Natural Cycles of Time and to the Golden Proportion, the Universal Mathematical Principle behind ALL CREATION.

We hope you enjoy this journey of self-discovery through time!

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